Heard on the run

I was running the other morning and I passed a group of women running.  When a person is front of folks, they can hear the conversation behind them.  They were talking about apps for their iphones.  They were talking about the ability to use the iphone for video conferencing.  Then it went to videoconferencing their spouses.  “Show me where you are at?”  A joke, maybe a hidden truth about their own paranoia.

Then they talked about an app that allowed them to know where there iphone was and tracking via another iphone.  So, if you were abducted…someone could locate you.  I was thinking, really paranoid.

I began wondering, am I that paranoid.  How much energy do I use to protect myself from these boogiemen times?  I don’t know but I wonder if our society is that paranoid as a whole?  Is this what we all are thinking?  If so is this healthy?


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