Catholics are wrong, but are we right with clergy sexual abuse?

The Vatican issued a statement about sexual abuse.  Very frustrating for me.  The key part was the issue of punishment and the relationship with the civil authorities.  The church is not setting the agenda of how to protect children, but is conforming.  The church could force all countries to change their attitudes, but will not leverage that weight.  Frustrating.

An equal frustration is that Catholic church equates the significance of a woman’s role in the church with pedophiles and clergy who abuse. Argh!!!  Women ministers are equal in problems to abusive clergy?

Now, let’s bring it back home.  My tribe, I urge you to change the way you handle clergy sexual abuse.  Be proactive not reactive.  Do not have Cover Your Ass seminars, but be vigilant.  Gain some boldness and audacity that such behavior will not be tolerated in our tribe.  Help those clergy who are in places of vulnerability instead of saying, “we have a seminar, not you are free.”  Step up.  Who are those who feel the same?  Speak with me.


3 Responses to “Catholics are wrong, but are we right with clergy sexual abuse?”

  1. High Hopes Says:

    What really gets me is the insult and injury these weak remedies produce for Christ-Following Lovers to advance the Good News of Jesus.

    There is NOTHING Jesus in the Church’s position here and far too much of the time who lay quiet is the other clergy and religious authorities NOT holding them to their actions, attitudes..etc.

    Somehow we have become some kind of numb bystanders letting a church/ denomination continually dilute the message of Christ’s Life in order to be maintain some sort of political position of our own?

    I get very confused. Have we lost sight of what we are all called to do? We are called to bring the news of Christ to ALL people, believers and non-believers … and that is it.

    When we sweep bad behavior or discriminatory (outsiders versus insiders) actions/positions under the rug or not DECLARE that which is of God and within His intention than we are a sell out. We become nothing more than them. We become one of them. We then have to qualify ourselves as NOT one of those because we let too many of those get by with what they do………….

    No one stands for the children in this. Who? Where is their voice? what actions are they demanding of the church?

    I may be naive here. And I am sure I am missing some of the political correctness… but what will it take for us to take back our Christianity?…Not the one commercialized. Not the one sold. Not the one that is only on Sundays. BUT the one that Christ died for us to come to know?

    A little rant I know. I just came off reading another OUTRAGEOUS thing a fellow prominent evangelical is doing/saying…….using their platform to enforce and perpetuate their version of God on us all…………Only thing is? I do not ‘fit’ their idea of ‘right’ but I know in whom I belong!

    Somehow in all of this…………there is NOT enough voices being heard of the sound of Christ that I hear ringing inside me.

    • docvisalia Says:

      When a church protects the clergy or lay person who abuses others we fail to live out the Agape life that Jesus calls us to do. I understand the reasons for all the decisions and I think people are trying to do the best they can as they sort out denial, love, and fears. However, the rule needs to be swift, clear, and unwavering. It needs to transcend the law.

  2. High Hopes Says:

    I cannot help but feel time and again the church (clergy) too often takes the ‘outside-looking-in’ view when it comes to commenting on anything it sees of its industry. I feel the time has come for the church (clergy) to OWN the outcome of what some are doing in the name of Christ.

    It is off-putting to those seeking healing and inclusion to see a deflated non-participatory response from those they are seeking to be ‘different’.

    Most times I see churches becoming part of the problem NOT the solution when they simply take a ‘I think they are doing God’s work overall and on this ____, they are muddling through.’

    If churches (clergy) are not careful they become institutionalized by the very system that is conducting themselves so poorly. It become a norm to let NON-Christ behaviors sweep on by without a dissenting voice or action; leaving those hurt further victimized along the way…………

    There is no change in silently standing by.. even if you don’t agree.

    Much love!

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