Why I love this season

It is Advent and Christmas.  I love this season.  I love the interplay between darkness and light.  I drive the family to look at lights, and it is a reminder of the power of light.  The main image I like about the season is incarnation:  God becoming flesh. 

God put on human skin. 

Emmanuel-God is with us. 

Literally God is with us. 

God is not distant in heaven.  God is with us. 


I need a God who is with me, not away and distant.

Brennan Manning,  states in the Ragamuffin Gospel “Yes, the gracious God enfleshed in Jesus Christ loves us.”

There are moments when I feel that I let God down.  There are moments when I feel that I am not very lovable.  There are moments when I feel like I failed and that failure is somehow reflects the quality of relationship I have with God.  If I would have been more committed, more serious, more compassionate, more attentive, more (fill in the blank), I would have got the result I wanted or I thought was my right.  Deep down in the places I avoid, the despair, the fears, the resentments, the petty insecurities…God is enfleshed into that.  God does not vomit upon it, but God meets it.  He embraces it.  In that embrace, I am not condemned but made whole.  All that I have tried to hide out fear no longer is worth hiding.  I am healed.

Christmas reminds me that God came not with a sword to settle score, but as a baby.   God tore open heaven and came to the earth.  Not only that, he became one of us.  He became one of us not to punish, but to love us.  Lights, gifts, parties, greetings of Happy Holydays remind me that I am one God’s own.  In the valleys, on the mountain tops, along the plains God is with me.

All that icky insecurity, fear, and resentment…God wishes to embrace.  Will you let him?


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