Spiritual Growth

One of the challenges of spiritual growth is to keep it central to life.

To be honest, kids, work, and exercise can creep into the time and space of spiritual growth.  Especially for pastors, our task is to pray but the rest of the world is doing.  We are praying or studying, luxurious things to do.  However, that is what keeps a pastor sharp and in tune with the Spirit.

As a pastor who offices out of the house that is made more complicated, because the busyness of the house intrudes.  When I had an office at a church building, I could use that time and space to pray.  My books were accessible and I would close my door putting up a sign.  “Pastor in prayer or study.”   The task is to find that place and to reclaim that reality that a pastor who studies is doing the work of the church.  A pastor who prays strengthens the church. 

James Landes, a professor at Brite Divinity School, taught a class before he died for first year seminary students.  He drilled into our heads, “You are a human being not a human doer.  Who you are is more important than what you do to the church.”  I try to remember his wisdom, but the  demands of growing a church impinge.  My task is to pray, to read the Bible, shepherd the flock, and listen to where God is leading us on the mission of God.


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