Pastoral roles

Today I have spent a few hours working on getting a new laptop up and going. Hitting a huge snag with establishing new e-mail accounts on outlook. It has been an excrutiating day where I have let a few curse words go as I continue to hit the same problem over and over again.

I have been thinking as a pastor in a small community of faith, I need to have some level of IT skills, because we do not have the resources to solve some of our issues. I need to do that. Issues regarding risk management, finances, financial planning, technology, archietecture, accessiblity, and the list could go on of the knowledge of skills a pastor in a small church needs to possess to function with some efficiency and effectiveness. These are one’s that are before knowledge of scriptures, spiritual development, leadership, preaching, worship, pastoral care, ethics, volunteer management, and those skills a pastor receives training.

I am not complaining, but realize that the skillset is probably beyond the capacity of one person. If it is, then it must rest on a larger staff, lay people committed to the growth of the congregation, or partners outside the community.

The process of discernment lies in the pastor realizing what to pick up and put down. I think, congregations need to be in dialogue with the pastor about that as well.


One Response to “Pastoral roles”

  1. Vinson Says:

    Find one of those folk who say they are readily “bored” by Sunday services, and yet who want to participate in the community of faith. Given 38% of the population – and most likely to not be found in churches – are “SP” temperaments (see Keirsey)… and they yet their gift is problem-solving, maybe you should cast your net off the other side of the boat. Or find a grant-writer…. Blessings my friend!

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