Gospel of John-patience for rebels.

I have been,  reading the Gospel of John for devotional reading.  Through the first ten chapters, I struggled.  I would read the conversations between the pharisees and Jesus thinking “I would want to kill Jesus, too.  He is being a smart ass.”  Really was having problems sympathizing with Jesus.  I have read John before, but this time through this is where I am at.

Today as I was reading, I was thinking…I like the synoptics (Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  Synoptic means, “see the same thing.”  They roughly do.  They tell the story of Jesus with different nuances, but for the most part they are similar.  John is the rebel.  Perhaps, I need to think and read John as the rebellious gospel.  He has a different point of view and perhaps if I embrace that different point of view I could celebrate his eccentricities.

The Bible challenges me and sometimes I read it…it does not sit well.   I push through something, because I trust in the wisdom of the Bible to teach me some deep truth.  So, John is the rebel…I can appreciate that.  It took me half the book before my spirit settled down to quit fighting it.  That is a good lesson for me when I am bit rebellious.  I may have some truth, but people are not familiar with it.  Takes a while for people to grasp what I am saying.  Patience is what rebellious folks need to make changes.


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