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Following Jesus to the diamond

April 13, 2010

When I was a kid, my little league career lasted one season and I had one hit.  I watch my son now and am amazed by him because he can do things I could never do on the diamond.  I try really hard not to pressure him and just let him play.  He is a better player than I was as kid and that is cool.

With this lack of experience as a little leaguer, I have not wanted to coach a baseball team.  I have helped, but I have no resevoir of knowledge about baseball.  Football, I can show him how to pull, block, tackle, throw, hand off, catch…etc.  Baseball is magical and mystical.  I don’t get it at times.

Tonight, I start as manager of his team.  The coach had to quit due to travel schedule and the team has not won a game.  I have had ideas about how to help the coach, but I could not communicate to him.  Our communication styles clashed.  So, I decided for the best of the coach, the team, my son, and myself that i needed to emotionally check out.  God was asking me, “Niel who are you helping?” 

Answer “Noone.”  

God, “So?” 

So, I checked out of the season emotionally, temporally, and spatially.

 Then this happened yesterday.

My faith tells me this was God at work.  I am not sure what all God was doing in the story to make His grace happen.  I am not sure how the coach got moved by God, but I believe God was at work making his life better.  I trust that.  I was happy being checked out.  It made life easier.   Yesterday life got complicated and I think it was God.  So, I pray that I am graceful coach.  Encouraging the kids.  The mission field opened up yesterday and it is now a baseball diamond.  Following Jesus sometimes takes us places where we don’t want to be.  It is not always around the world, sometimes it is just the otherside of the fence.  “Use me Lord and let me be open to you using me.”